Schlaefer OptometristsOne of every four school age children has an undiagnosed eye problem. The eye checks given at school just cannot cover the scope of issues that are involved in a comprehensive eye exam. An annual eye exam is always a preferred method of diagnosing problems with your child's vision. Do not wait until they complain of headaches, or not being able to see the board in the classroom. Take the proactive approach and have your child's eye checked regularly.

We have a large selection of frames for youth. We have many metal and plastic options with trendy colors and cool designs such as rhinestones and flames. Most frames include spring hinges, and all have a one year warranty.

Our lenses are made of Trivex material, currently the strongest lens material available. It has 100% UV protection, it is shatter resistant, and comes with a one year warranty against scratching or damage. It is also available in Transitions.

Kid with Sunglasses

Did you know that by the time your child is 18, they will have received 80% of their UV exposure for their lifetime?


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The giant squid has eyes the size of beach balls.

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Memory Match Game

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Your eyes blink over 10 million times a year. That's a lot!

Our Amazing Eyes

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The cornea of a shark is so similar to the human cornea that it is used in eye surgeries.