Located on Main St. in Campbellsport, Schlaefer Optometrists has been a cornerstone of the community for over 100 years. It started as a jewelry store, and clock repair, owned and operated by Matthias Schlaefer in 1906. Because jewelers used small instruments, and made minute repairs, they also repaired eye wear. It was very common to have a jewelry store combined with an optometrists office.

Matthias graduated from Illinois College of Optometry in 1916, followed by his son Anthony in 1955, and granddaughter Ann in 1992. The Schlaefers have maintained a family atmosphere, and the community has enjoyed the benefits of their legacy.

The beautiful brick building standing today has undergone several changes. The original structure, built in 1906, was rebuilt in 1940 by the DelPonte family. An addition, added on in 1975, doubled the size of the office. A remodel was conducted in 2008, and the interior of the building was updated. Many of the original tools and the original work bench can still be seen today.

Schlaefer's Jewelry Store/Optical Shop

Circa 1916
Schlaefer's Jewelry Store/Optical Shop

Matthias Schlaefer is behind the counter with an unknown employee at the counter. Many of the clocks in the background still grace the walls of the office today.

Matthias SchlaeferCirca 1930s

Matthias Schlaefer seated in his exam chair. The instruments in the photo, antique by today's standards, could still give accurate prescriptions if used today.

Matthias SchlaeferMatthias Schlaefer

Graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1916.

Anthony SchlaeferAnthony Schlaefer

Graduated from St. Lawrence Seminary in 1941

Served in the United States Air Force 1948-1952

Graduated from Illinois College of Optometry in 1955

Ann SchlaeferAnn Schlaefer

Graduated from Marian University in 1980 with degrees in Nursing and Human Relations

Graduated from Illinois College of Optometry in 1992

Recipient of the Magnificat Award from Marian University in 2010

Dr. Ann AwardDr. Ann receiving the Trailblazer Award for Women in Business 2016

The Governor's Trailblazer Awards for Women in Business celebrate women's long history of entrepreneurship and deep roots in Wisconsin's business community. Torchbearer Awards honor family businesses that have been in operation for three generations or more and are run by a relative of the founder-passing the torch to a new generation of women business leaders.